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Area of Circles

Area of Circles

Author: Kim McCorkle

Students will be able to find the area of a circle given the radius or diameter and using 3 for pi.

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Do each item as it comes up from top to bottom. Be sure to complete all work.


If you were absent (or were not in class) on Monday, please go back to Edmodo and watch the Circumference video.

January 28 Warm up

Complete this Google Form. Use the warm up section on the back of your homework for work space.

January 29 Warm up

Complete this Google Form. Use the warm up section on the back of your homework for work space.

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi

Go to Edmodo and click on the link to the second book in the series: "Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi". Watch the video. If you watched it at home yesterday, you may skip this step.

Notes for page 53

Today's date is January 29.
Copy the attached notes onto page 53 in your journal.


Finding Area of Circles

If the Youtube version does not work try this one.

Finding the Area of a Circle Notes

Copy onto page 54 in your journal.


Complete Finding Area Worksheet

Found on shelf: 6

IMPORTANT: Change the radius of 5.5cm to 5 cm. the diameter of 15yd to 16 yd and the radius of 4.4m to 4 m. You will need to use Pi=3.14 on the back puzzle and you will need to use a calculator (on your computer) for the puzzle. SHOW WORK FOR BACK ON NOTEBOOK PAPER - INCLUDE FORMULAS AND EACH STEP!!

Complete the sheet and have me check your answers. Glue your sheet on to page 55 in the same way as we glued in the circumference sheet.

Review I

Shelf: 7

Take a Review I packet and complete the packet. Be sure to use your journal and formula chart. WRITE ALL FORMULAS! I have included videos below as a review on how to find the area of each type of polygon.

Area of a Rectangle

Area of a Square

Area of a Parallelogram

Area of a Triangle

Area of a Trapezoid