Area of Quadrilaterals

Area of Quadrilaterals

Author: Dan Bowler

To develop the area formulas for various quadrilaterals and to provide practice calculating areas.

The lesson consists of two slide shows. The first uses a visual approach to derive the area formulas for parallelograms, trapezoids, kites and rhombuses. The second provides practice problems and step by step solutions.

Photographs used in this packet were obtained at morguefile.com. Morguefile grants permission to use its images.

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quadrilateral - a four sided polygon

parallelogram - a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides

trapezoid - a quadrilateral which has exactly one pair of parallel sides

kite - a quadriateral in which two pairs of consecutive sides are congruent

rhombus - a parallelogram which has four congruent sides

diagonal - a segment that connects nonconsecutive vertices of a polygon

height of a quadrilateral - the perpendicular distance between opposite sides of a                                                   quadrilateral

Area of quadrilaterals

The slide show will develop the formulas for the area of parallelograms, trapezoids, kites and rhombuses.

Practice Problems

The slide show contains practice problems for areas of quadrilaterals as well as worked out solutions.