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Author: sheng lor

Grade 5

Subject: English


2.0 Reading Comprehension (Focus on Informational Materials)

  • 2.4 Identify and trace the development of an author’s argument, point of view, or perspec­tive in text.  
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What is an argumentative text?

An argumentative text requires the student to investigate a topic; collect, generate, and evaluate evidence; and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner. 

Do not confuse with persuasive because argumentative essays present information and claims without taking a side on an issue or topic.

Persuasive writing incorporates emotions from the writer.

Format for writing a argumentative essay


Direction: As you read this, keep in mind: Are they trying to persuade the reader? What are their claims? What is their evidence?

Topic: Which would be the better pet?

Cats and dogs can be very entertaining. But when it comes down to the
best pet, I would say the dog.

One reason why I think a dog is the best pet to have, is because you can
talk to them. And they listen to you. You can tell them secrets, and how you
feel. Kind of like a personal journal, except they actually hear what your saying.

Another reason why I think a dog is the best pet to have, is because dogs
can warn you of danger. And sometimes that danger might be life threatening.
So with a dog its like you have your own danger alarm. Also another reason why I think dogs are the best pets to have is because they keep you company. They are perfect pets to have if you love company. 

And with a dog, its almost like you are having your best friends over. And
better yet, if you own the dog, and it’s a weekday, its like your friends are
spending the night on a school night.

Another reason why I think a dog is the best pet
to have is because they need to get excersise. You will have to walk your dog every day. So even if you don’t like to walk, your dog and you will be getting automatic excersise. Which will make you and your dog healthier.

Cats and dogs are very unique in their own fastenating way. But to choose between the both of them, I would go for the dog. Even though dogs require lots of responsibilities, and need maintenence and training, they are still worth the effort. But most importantly, they are like a best friend

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