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Artistic Media

Artistic Media

Author: Aleisha Olson

This lesson will present an overview of the differences between different artistic media.

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Introduction to Art History

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This tutorial discusses the different types of artistic media used by artists.

Source: Image of Spiral Jetty, Robert Smithson, Public Domain, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Spiral-jetty-from-rozel-point.png

  • Artistic Medium

    The material in which a work of art is made, such as painting or sculpture.

  • Two Dimensional

    A work of art made on a flat surface, such as a painting, drawing, print, or photograph.

  • Three Dimensional

    A work of art that exists in space, usually sculpture, or variations of sculpture.

  • Traditional Media

    Common materials used to make works of art, or architecture, i.e. stone, wood, bronze, ink, paint, paper.