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Artwork on Paper

Artwork on Paper

Author: Aleisha Olson
Recognize characteristics of works of art made on paper.
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Terms to Know

A work of art made by marking lines, usually with a pen, pencil, or other instrument, on a sheet of paper.


The opposite of relief, in which the lowest parts of the printing plate receive ink and the paper is pressed into them. Engraving is a form of intaglio printing.


Sensitive to light.


The production of images using photosensitive materials on a sheet of paper or metal.

Print Making

The production of works of art by pressing a sheet of paper against some sort of printing block, often with the help of a printing press.


A type of printmaking, such as woodblock, in which the paper comes into contact with the highest parts of the surface of the printing plate.

Works on Paper

Drawings, prints, photographs, and other two-dimensional works of art made on paper.