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Artwork on Paper

Artwork on Paper

Author: Aleisha Olson

This lesson will explore works of art made on paper.

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Introduction to Art History

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  • Drawing

    A work of art made by marking lines, usually with a pen, pencil, or other instrument, on a sheet of paper.

  • Print Making

    The production of works of art by pressing a sheet of paper against some sort of printing block, often with the help of a printing press.

  • Photography

    The production of images using photosensitive materials on a sheet of paper or metal.

  • Relief

    A type of printmaking, such as woodblock, in which the paper comes into contact with the highest parts of the surface of the printing plate.

  • Intaglio

    The opposite of relief, in which the lowest parts of the printing plate receive ink and the paper is pressed into them. Engraving is a form of intaglio printing.

  • Works on Paper

    Drawings, prints, photographs, and other two-dimensional works of art made on paper.

  • Photo-sensitive

    Sensitive to light.