AS 260 Kaplan Medical Assignment

AS 260 Kaplan Medical Assignment

Author: sweeden jorgh

AS 260 Kaplan Medical Assignment

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AS 260 Kaplan Medical Assignment

Supply List (Document)

Assignment:  Type out each question then the answer to each slide.1. Make a list of six, of the necessary equipment and supplies that should be present for a complete physical examination

2. Be sure to show how the equipment is used, for each piece of equipment

3. Summarize the sequence of procedures for the examination.

Sepsis (Document)

1. List each type of sepsis,

2. Identify causes of each,

3. List prevention techniques,

4. Compare and contrast each type.

Create Power Point:  Include cover slide/reference slide.

Physical Examinations

1.  Identify an illness or disorder that is found by physical examination.

2.  What are the steps in the exam?

3.  Compare the normal finding to the abnormal finding. Is this a commonly used physical exam evaluation or one only done if the illness is suspected?

Complete a power point with title/reference slides and show pictures of instruments that will be used.

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