As an advanced practice nurse you are involved in helping staff understand...

As an advanced practice nurse you are involved in helping staff understand...

Author: brecht 2017


As an advanced practice nurse you are involved in helping staff understand the differences between various translation documents related to evidence-based practice. 
In TD1 discussion, compare and contrast two of the five types of research summaries:  meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, systematic research reviews, clinical practice guidelines, and care protocols.  Also, answer the following questions
When comparing meta-analysis versus meta-synthesis; quantitative meta-analysis involves aggregating findings from previous research to establish if there is a true effect from an intervention on the expected outcome variable. Meta-analysis is most often used to assess the clinical effectiveness of healthcare interventions; it does this by combining data from two or more randomized controlled trials. Versus meta-synthesis which involves integrating and interpreting qualitative research to build a theory for testing. It is the bringing together and breaking down of findings, examining them, discovering essential features, and combining a phenomena into a transformed whole (Haidich, 2010).
[1] What are the differences in the purposes, audiences, and authors of the five research summary types?  
[2] What is the relationship between meta-synthesis and theory?
[3] What is the relationship between meta-analysis and theory?
[4] What is your experience in applying clinical practice guidelines?  What evidence-based practice (EBP) model did you use?
Compare and contrast two EBP models.  Also, answer the following questions:
[1] Which EBP would you recommend for your work setting and why?
[2] How does global health relate to EBP in the Johanna Briggs Institute Model?
[3] What outcomes would you examine to determine whether EBP implementation worked?
[4] How does your organization develop care protocols, care maps, and care plans?  Is the effort multidisciplinary?  To what extent is the nursing staff involved?  How would you improve the process?  

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