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Asking Good Questions

Asking Good Questions

Author: Alex Seydow

Examine the characters, setting, author, and events of the story.

This packet offers some good questions to ask when reading.  It includes questions about the characters, the setting, the author, and the events.  

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This video offers good questions to ask about any book you read. Questions such as "Which character do I connect with most?" or "Could this book have been written in any other place or time?" help you to connect with the reading. The questions are centered around examining the characters, setting, author, and events.

Source: Alex Seydow (Video retrieved at:

Asking Good Questions

Here is a printable version of good questions to ask yourself when reading.


Source: Alex Seydow

Generic Reading Guide

You can use this guide to record your observations about the book and bring to class or your next book club meeting.


Source: Alex Seydow