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Assignment 1: Discussion: The Religious Problem of Evil

Assignment 1: Discussion: The Religious Problem of Evil

Author: l marshall

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Assignment 1: Discussion: The Religious Problem of Evil
So, what is wrong with the world? Or, is it just fine, as it is?
Most of us would say that bad things happen in the world (Nazis, terrorists, the suffering of children).
What are we to make of it? Is this part of the work of god(s), behavior or human nature? Is evil external or internal?
This is known as the problem of evil or the problem of theodicy.
Now that you have been introduced to the main religious traditions of the human race, discuss what you have learned as it applies to the problem of why there is evil in the world.
How does Hinduism address the problem?

How does Buddhism address the problem?

How do the Abrahamic religions address the problem?

Compare the difference between the way Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists address the problem of evil and theodicy.

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