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Assignment 1: External Environment Analysis

Assignment 1: External Environment Analysis

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Assignment 1: External Environment Analysis (Week 3)Monitoring competitors’ performance is a key aspect of performing an external environment analysis.This assignment provides students the opportunity to evaluate the competitive position of one of theorganizations listed below and integrate that information in an External Factor Evaluation (EFE) matrixand Competitive Profile Matrices (CPM).Instructions:Students will perform an external analysis on a company from the list below or from a list of companiesprovided by the instructor. CitrixIn completing the assignment, students will perform research on the selected company and respond tothe required steps below:Step 1: Create a PowerPoint Presentation. The final product will be no longer than 20 slides includingthe title page and reference page. Students will use the note section of the PowerPoint to discuss,explain and support the reasoning for information presented in each slide.Step 2: Review assignment grading rubric.Step 3: In completing the assignment, students are required to support the reasoning using in-textcitations and a reference list. Both in-text citations and an associated reference list is required. View thesample APA paper under Week 1 content. Students may also look under Course Resources>>StudentToolbox for APA resources.Step 4: Complete an External Environmental Analysis: Use tools, concepts and information from your own research to perform an external analysis of thecompany’s environment. Include the following: Company overviewIndustry analysis2) Competitive analysis. [Use the top two competitors plus the selected company.]3) Techniques Analysis: PESTEL, Five Forces, OT from SWOT, EFE, and CPM. Trends: Discuss trends significant to the industry and company and discuss key areas ofuncertainty related to trends or events that potentially could impact the company’s strategy.Utilize the Notes section to support each slide Step 5: Using the grading rubric, ensure all required elements are presented in the presentation.

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