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Assignment 2: Training on Diversity Trends

Assignment 2: Training on Diversity Trends

Author: l marshall

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Assignment 2: Training on Diversity Trends
As a new member of a top management consulting firm's diversity team, one of your responsibilities is to conduct training on diversity trends. Consultants use this training in their management practices with Fortune 500 companies.
You are asked to lead a training session next week. The topic is "The Global Demographic Trends Impacting Diversity." The training will be presented to mid-level managers in your firm. The purpose of the training is to inform the management consultants of the latest changes in worldwide demographics relative to five key diversity areas of interest and provide recommendations for managers on sustaining a diverse workforce.
Prepare a seven 7 to nine 9 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on this topic. Include a discussion of the following:
Diversity TrendsImpact of diversity trends and changes to the firm based on statistical dataPopulation trends 
Working-age population movements 
Racial and ethnic trends 
Sexual-orientation trends 
Gender trends 

Recommendation to the firm for sustaining a diverse workforce
Include detailed speaker notes with your presentation that fully explain each point and justification for your recommendations. 
Use at least three resources to justify your responses. Apply current APA standards for writing style to your work.  Include a title slide and reference slide(s) in addition to the main slides.

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