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ASSIGNMENT #3: Childhood through AdolescenceActivity 3

ASSIGNMENT #3: Childhood through AdolescenceActivity 3

Author: l marshall

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ASSIGNMENT #3: Childhood through AdolescenceActivity 3: Assessing Students’ Metacognitive Awareness and Cognitive StrategiesMetacognition encompasses knowledge and control of one’s own mental processes. Literally, it means“thinking about thinking.”In this assignment, you will explain in detail the following five concepts andgive age appropriate examples (for childhood & adolescence) that demonstrate each concept:1.Metacognitive awareness:An important aspect of metacognition,metacognitive awareness is one’s explicit, conscious knowledge of one’smental processes. Children who have little metacognitive awareness are aptto mention only external behaviors as they describe what they do when theythink and learn. In contrast, children with well-developed metacognitiveawareness can describe what and how they think in some detail. They alsohave a good sense of what their minds and memories can reasonably do—andnotdo—in a particular situation or learning task.2.Cognitive strategies:In general, cognitive strategies are specific mentalprocesses in which children actively and intentionally engage in order toenhance their learning and performance. Three commonly used strategiesthat enhance children’s memory for information are these:3.Rehearsal,in which a child repeats a small amount of information over andover as a way of remembering it for a very short time (e.g., a minute or so).4.Organization,in which a child identifies interrelationships among pieces ofinformation (e.g., categories, cause-and-effect relationships) as a way oflearning and remembering them more effectively over the long run.5.Elaboration,in which a child draws on prior knowledge to embellish on newinformation in order to make it more meaningful and memorable

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