Author: Christine Farr


ASSIGNMENT 4 – ECON1203, SUMMER SESSION 2015/16Instructions: Prepare answers (independently and not in groups) to the following questions, and submityour answers via the link to Turnitin. Please browse and upload a copy of your document (in word or pdfformat), Do NOT paste text, and include your correct zID in the file name (e.g. z1234567_Assignment 4).QUESTION 1 (1 mark)The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has collected data on the part-time employment patterns offull-time male students in Australia and found that they worked 16 hours per week on average.A researcher believes that female students may work fewer hours on average than male students.Accordingly, she selects 36 female students at random and finds the average number of hours workedper week to be 13.5 and the standard deviation is 7 hours. To see if her belief is substantiated, conductthe appropriate test at a significance level of 5% and interpret the result. State the assumptions made.QUESTION 2 (1.6 marks)In a recent survey by CoolRepairs, a company that provides a wide range of household repair services,226 out of 293 customers responded that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the servicesprovided.(a) What is the proportion of customers either satisfied or very satisfied with the services provided?(b) CoolRepairs has established an agreed target whereby at least 80% of customers should beeither satisfied or very satisfied with the services provided. Use the sample proportion found in(a), test whether this target has been attained at 5% significant level.(c) Use the sample proportion found in (a) to set up a 95% confidence interval for the populationproportion of customers who are satisfied or very satisfied with the services.

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