Author: Joyce Buda


Assignment 4 (WA4): Final Report: Formal Research-Based PersuasiveReportDue: Week Seven on Sunday, 5/1, by 11:59 pm ESTIdentify a problem or issue within your workplace or an organization in your professional field.The assignment objective is to propose a solution to the problem or issue and to present thatsolution to a decision-maker, or group of decision-makers, who can implement therecommendation.Over the course of the term, you will develop a concrete, practical solution to the problem thatcan be implemented. You will complete a formal persuasive report that incorporates research.Reference sources will be included that explain the problem, issue and/or support the solution.The proposal will includea discussion of resources necessary to implement the solutionthe timelinethe benefits of doing so.Assignment GuidelinesThe proposal will include the following components:cover pagetable of contentslist of illustrationsintroduction in the form of an executive summarybody of the proposalconclusion stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solutionend matter to include reference page and any other data suitable for this section of thereportThe proposal must be no fewer than 2000 words, no more than 2,400. The word count includesonly the body/conclusion components. The purpose of establishing a word count is to ensure thetopic chosen is neither too big nor too small. Also, writing within parameters is a commonrequirement in business communications.Minimum Source Requirements1. Use five-to-seven published sources or published Internet sources, NOT Web sites. Or, get myapproval for unique reports not based primarily on published sources.2. Quote sparingly; paraphrase and summarize frequently.3. Do not plagiarize. Be careful to cite sources precisely, using APA Documentation Style withinyour paragraphs and to avoid half-copying.FormattingUse APA Manuscript Style and Documentation StyleTipsAs you consider topics, bear this in mind: the problem or issue need not be enormous. Within thescope of the assignment are issues such as these:Crowding in your place of employment results in shared office space and limitedresources. A proposed solution could be implementation of a telecommuting program topermit some employees in suitable occupations to work from home on a full- or part-timebasis.Concern about your company's image and role in the community has prompted muchdialog. A possible strategy for improving the company's image and perception could beimplementation of a recycling program that supports "green thinking."Rising health care costs are a concern nationwide. To address your company's issues, youare proposing implementation of a wellness program. The benefits of implementing aprogram like this are many, ranging from lowering our health care costs (as much as 15percent) to boosting morale.Communication among teachers and parents of a local school is difficult to facilitate, andthe PTA is seeking a solution to the communication issues. You could proposeestablishing a Web site for PTA members to read updates, participate in discussion,contact other members, and so on.Increasing crime in a local, multi-zoned business/residential district has aroused muchconcern among business owners and residents. The solution could be a neighborhoodwatch program; decision-makers would include the local merchants and homeowners inthe area.The objective of the project is to participate in the development of a detailed proposal thatemerges in several pieces over the course of the term, as do lengthy written projectscompleted in any organizational setting.The final formal research-based persuasive report will contain all the formal elements of areport as outlined under "Assignment Guidelines."ASSIGNMENT

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