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Assignment M5

Assignment M5

Author: robert tatham

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Apple Inc.

Company for below project

MS6010 Course Project Guidelines

Your course project will consist of a 15–20-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. These slides will help you present your investment idea to the President and CEO of the public company. As such, the slides must be well crafted to help convince the leader of the company of the need for the investment, the possible risks, and potential returns. Remember, the slides should outline the key points to be made and not overwhelm the viewer with too many details. You will provide the details in the speaker notes for each slide. The slide presentation must include:

Cover page listing the company, project, date, and presenter.

Sufficient background so that a potential investor understands the business.

The investment idea and summary justification.

Enough historic data from the worksheet you develop in Modules 3 and 4 to give an investor an understanding of revenues, costs, expenses, cash flows, and potential returns in dollars and using capital budgeting analysis concepts to demonstrate viability.

The break-even of the project.

Your final analysis summary that details why the company should invest the money in this project.

Speaker notes in your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to include background information that you would communicate verbally in a presentation. This speaker notes content should be the length necessary to explain the outline presented in the slides. Each slide must have the requisite speaker notes to explain the material/data presented in the slides as if you are making a formal presentation and expect to verbalize those words.

This slide presentation is due before the end of class on Day 5 of Module 5 and is worth 25% of your course final grade or 250 points. Combined with the other submitted elements of the project, the total points allocated to this course project will be 500 points or 50% of your grade. The grading of this project will be extensive to match the percentage of course grade. Make sure you provide substantial work in the creating of this project.

Breakdown of Course Project Work


Major Task



Select public company and begin planning project.


Seek approval of the company, project investment idea, and justification by completing the Project Approval Input in the link provided.



Begin working on the Excel worksheet provided with the project to outline the revenues, costs, expenses, and resulting cash flows.


Submit the final Excel worksheet showing all data and calculations.


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