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Associating words

Associating words

Author: Nicole Hadley

Students will be able to make connections between words

Students will be able to create poetry through word association

Students will be able to collaborate

Students will be able to use technology for assignments

For this lesson students will learn about the importance of being able to find associations between words and how it will help with across all their courses but most specifically in their writing. 

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 As students enter class that will get their iPad's out.  All iPad's must be on their desk by the time the bell rings. Up on the screen students will see a Padlet and they will go to to complete the 5 associating words (fill in the blank).  Post their answers, remembering to put their name in their textbox. Students make known their favorite association word. The teacher asks: Who thinks this was easy? (Students raise hand) Who thinks this was hard? (Students raise hand). 


Direct instruction

Teacher asks: Who can tell me what association is? (Student input). Association is making connections between words to help us in our writing. What types of writing can finding association words help?  (Student input).  Being able to identify associating words help in all writing but especially poetry. 


Today we are going to practice associating words by writing a poem.  Not now, wait until I tell you, get into pairs.


Open word/word processor on iPad
Pick a topic and write it at the top of the note.
In the color red, type the first 6 words that come to mind.
Switch to the color blue. Go back to the top of the list, say each word and ask for the word that comes to mind first. Write the word that comes to mind. Write it before of after the word in red, wherever you think it makes the most sense
Switch to green. Go back to the top, say the two words and write the word that comes to mind.  Write it before or after, wherever it makes the most sense.
Switch to purple.  Add in any words that help each line make sense.  The poem does not need to rhyme.

After the poem in finished email poem so both partners have the document. Email to teacher/post in evernote. 


Before you get in your pairs lets do an example together. 


First I am going to pick a topic. My topic is Chicken. 

My title is : The Chicken Poem

The first 6 words that come to mine are sky, flap, silly, pan, crispy, and sauce. I'm going to list them below in red. 







Next I am going to think of a word that comes to my mind when I say 'sky' and fly comes to mind. I will do that for each of the original 6 words. The word that comes to mind will be written in blue. 

Sky fly

Flap wings

Silly clucking

Pan fried

Sauce BBQ

Next I am going to think of a word that comes to my mind when I say sky and fly, and for the first one it's feathers. I will do that for each of the 6 categories. 

Feathers Sky fly

Flap wings birdy

Silly clucking sounds

Pan fried grease

crispy spinning rotrisserie.

Hot Sauce BBQ

Lastly, I will write words in between the associated words and create a poem. The poem does not need to rhyme. 

You wish you had feathers that would fly in the sky.

Flap birdy wings, flap.

Making silly clucking sounds all around.

Then, in a pan with fried grease.

Come on, give me another piece

Or, crispy spinning on a rotrisserie.

And hot BBQ sauce, save some for me!

Assessment/ Homework

For homework students need to post 4 sets of words that are associating words that are a minimum of 3 words. The word sets they choose need to be different from the warm-up activity, from the examples provided in class and the poem they completed with their partner.  Their words need to be their own. Students will post their associated words on Padlet at  I will provide them with the link before class is finished. I will also post the link on the class blog.