Astronomy: The Big Bang

Astronomy: The Big Bang

Author: Sonia Obregon


TEKS 8.8E  research how scientific data are used as evidence to develop scientific theories to describe the origin of the universe.

Students will watch the 4 videos and answer questions about How the Universe began.

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Agenda for Feb. 25, 2013

1.  Watch the videos on How the Universe Works.

2.  Take notes about the questions to ponder on your NOTE page.

3.  Write a summary about what you learned (minimum 5 sentences) in the Google Form provided at the end of this playlist.


Questions to Ponder

1.  What tools do astronomers use to gather data about the origin of the universe?

2.  How do scientists speculate the universe was different from what it is today?

3.  What are some of the pieces of evidence astronomers have collected to support their theory of the origin of the universe?

4.  What are some of the hurdles that scientists have in understanding the origin of the universe?

5.  What is the importance of studying the origin of the universe?

Note Page

Take notes about the information you learn from the videos you watch using this note page.

Full Screen

Looking Into the Past...

Students will watch the video and answer some questions about this segment: Looking in to the Past

Early Universe Formation

How the universe formed.

Something Comes from Nothing:)

Everything Starts with the Big Bang!

Write Your Summary

Write a paragraph summary about what you learned after watching the videos. 5 sentence minimum.:)