Author: Joyce Buda


 At the beginning of the spring, Dr. Alice Whittlesby notices that there is an equal distribution oflong and short stemmed buttercups in the vacant lot across the street from her house as well asin her own backward. By the end of the summer she notes that there are mostly long stemmedbuttercups in the lot, but mostly short stemmed buttercups in her yard. These observations areexamples of what biological principle? Develop a hypothesis to explain Dr. Whittlesby’sobservations.2.)Consider the food web for Lake Erie shown above.Give a detailed analysis of this food web. Be sure to address the following in your analysis:1.a description of the producers and consumers (you do not need to list every organism, but give a fewexamples along with what makes an organism fall into one class or the other)2.energy movement through the food web3.the number of trophic levels found in this food web4.which organisms most efficiently utilize the resources5.the way in which of one biogeochemical cycles interacts with the ecosystem of this food web6.how humans can negatively impact this food web3.) Select all correct answers as they apply to this picture of a cell.This is a prokaryotic cellThis is an animal cell#1 (d, e) is a chloroplast#2 (f, g) is a mitochondria#3 (m, n, o) is the nucleusThis is an eukaryotic cell#1 (d, e) is the cell wallThis is a plant cell4.) You have formulated a hypothesis: "Mangoes contain more vitamin C than oranges."To test this hypothesis you measure vitamin C levels in 20 oranges and 20 mangoesfrom trees that were grown in the same orchard under the same environmentalconditions (temperature, rain, sunlight). Select all statements that are trueabout this experiment.The dependent variable is the vitamin C levels in the mangoes and orangesThe type of fruit is a controlled variableThe independent variable is temperatureThe control group in the experiment is the oranges5.) Which of the following situations has the greatest potential for observer bias in anexperimental study?Ms McCormack is an outside consultant who is conducting a health and wellness surveyfor a pharmaceutical company. She neither knows the name of the company, nor the nameof the drug being tested during the surveyGraduate student Jonas Brown is conducting a survey of weight loss for his professor. Heasks each student in the study the same questions.Dr. Smith is analyzing biopsy examples from rats who have been given either a placebo oran experimental drug believed to reduce inflammation. Each sample is identified by a codenumber; therefore, Dr. Smith cannot tell which treatment each rat received.

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