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3 Tutorials that teach Atheistic States
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Atheistic States

Atheistic States

Author: Lee Gilmore
This lesson will explain athestic states.
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Notes on “Atheistic States”


(00:00-00:58) State Atheism defined

(00:59-02:17) Background on Communism & Marxism

(02:18-03:21) The (Former) Soviet Union & the suppression of religion

(03:22-04:xx) The (Former) Soviet Union & atheism as quasi-replacement for religion

(04:30-05:44) The People’s Republic of China & the Cultural Revolution

(05:45-06:38) The People’s Republic of China & (limited) religious tolerance

(06:39-07:19) Recap


Terms to Know

State Atheism

The official promotion of atheism by a government.


Image Sources

Image of Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow (demolished, 1931), PD-old-70,; Image of Cathedral of Christ the savior in Moscow (rebuilt, 2000), Creative Commons,