Atomic Spectra

Atomic Spectra


Define a quantum of energy as photon.

Identify a photon as a quantum of energy of electromagnetic radiation.

Realize that shorter wavelength or higher frequency radiation has greater energy

Use the equation E = hf and  E = hc/ λ to calculate the photon energy.

Realizes that energy of a radiation cannot be continuous, but can have only discrete values.

Realize that quantum theory sharply contradicts wave theory which manifests energy as continuous.

Calculate the energy of a photon with wavelength 800nm.

What is the frequency of the radiation emitted if the energy of photon is 10ev?

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Early theories of light and the scientists who proposed them.

Differentiate between wave theory and quantum theory

State the equation for energy of photons and describes the quantisation of energy of radiation. Contrast this with continuous energy of wave model using simulations

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