Atomic Structure

Atomic Structure

Author: Whitney Isbell

Students will be able to identify the parts and properties of an atom and also use protons to identify specific atoms and valence electrons to show reactivity.

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Student Expectations

8.5A: Describe the structure of atoms including the masses, electrical charges and locations of protons and neutrons in the nucleus and electrons in the electron cloud.

8.5B: Identify that protons determine an element's identity and valence electrons determine its chemical properties including reactivity.

Cornell Notes

While you are watching the video be sure to take Cornell Notes in your Science journal over the following words:





Atomic Mass

Atomic Number


Electron Cloud

Electrical Charge

Valence Electrons


**** Copy the table that I drew in your science journal****

Atomic Structure

Summary and Questions

Be ready to share your summary of this lesson and any questions you have for warmup in class.



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