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Atomic Structure

Atomic Structure

Author: Dr Wainwright

Appreciate that there are various models to illustrate atomic structure

Know that early models of atomic structure predicted that atoms and ions with noble gas electron arrangements should be stable

Describe the properties of protons, neutrons and electrons in terms of relative charge and relative mass

Understand the importance of elementary particles in the structure of the atom

Be able to recall the meaning of mass number (A) and atomic (proton) number (Z)


Find out what an atom is, and how small it really is.

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Use all or some of the resources below to write a page of A4 notes on atomic structure. Make sure that you cover all of the learning objectives. In particular you will need to make detailed notes on the contributions of the following scientists to the development of the periodic table: Antoine Lavoisier, Johan Dobereiner, John Newlands, Dimitri Mendeleev, Lothar Meyer, Henry Mosely, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrodinger, James Chadwick and Glen Seaborg.

If you have access to the official textbook, you can use pages 4-5 to help with this. You may need to do some additional internet searching alongside the resources below.

You will need to bring the notes that you make to the next lesson.

TED ED Video 'Just How Small are Atoms'

Introduction: How small are atoms?

The History of the Atom

How the ideas about the atom have changed over time

The History of the Atom and Subatomic Particles

All you need to know about the atom

Key Definitions

Learn these.

Do NOT use the textbook definitions, they do not score marks in the exam!


E Rintoul Video

Just watch the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The rest of the video is for a later lesson.