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Atomic Structure - 8th Grade Physical Science

Atomic Structure - 8th Grade Physical Science

Author: Alma Martinez

This tutorial is intended to discuss basic concepts about atomic structure like the location and electrical charge of subatomic particles (protons, neutrons and electrons).

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Atom Structure Presentation

Presentation that discuss the 3 subatomic particles (protons, neutrons and electrons), their charges and location within the atom.

Atomic Theory - Discovery of Subatomic Particles


Group Work - Google Doc

Instructions: After watching and listening carefully to the presentation, read with your group the pdf document about the discovery of each subatomic particle. Each member of a group should choose one atomic particle to study. Then, write about the atomic particle or structure you chose. Use the following questions to guide your reading:
1. Describe your particle (charge, location, relative mass, etc.)
2. Who discovered?
3. How was it discovered (describe the experiment)?