Atomic Theory

Atomic Theory

Author: Amanda Ruhe

After this lesson, you will be able to define and differentiate between atoms and molecules.

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What's all the matter? Atoms and Molecules

A short video explaining the basic differences between atoms and molecules.

Source: MITK12 videos

Learn more about John Dalton!

Atomic and Nuclear Structure - Pioneers

Click here to read about the chemists and physicists that were pioneers in the field of atomic theory.

Source: Chemical Heritage Foundation

4.1 Vocabulary and Concepts

A Quizlet to help you learn the terms and concepts presented in chapter 4.1.

Source: Quizlet created by aackkers

Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment

Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment

4.2 & 4.3 vocabulary

Use this Quizlet app to help you learn this chapter's vocabulary.

Source: Quizlet created by dds8th

Bohr Model

Bohr Model Template

To construct a Bohr model:

  • atomic number = # of protons
  • atomic number = # of electrons
  • atomic mass - atomic number = # of neutrons
  • 2 electrons maximum in the first shell
  • 8 electrons maximum in the second shell