Author: Seth Marx

To gain a basic understanding of the modern model of an atom, including protons, neutrons, electrons, and orbitals.

This packet will review the modern model of an atom, and why orbitals are important when making the model.

Sources: www.flickr.com/photos/ argonne/3853255001/ (picture)

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New Terms

Atom: the most basic particle of matter

Nucleus: the "heart" of an atom in which the protons and neutrons reside

Electron: has a negative 1 (-1) charge, and moves around in orbitals outside the nucleus

Proton: has a positive 1 (+1) charge, and resides in the nucleus

Neutron: has a neutral (no) charge, and resides in the nucleus

Orbitals: designated areas around the nucleus that an electron is "probably in"


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visit this website:  www.scienceclarified.com/As-Bi/Atom.html


The Basics