Atoms, Ions, & Bonding

Atoms, Ions, & Bonding

Author: Mike Thomas

This is a tutorial to help as an introduction or review of atoms, ions, and bonding.

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PhET Atom Building


Website above is the URL for the PhET Atom Building Simulation.

PhET Build an Atom

Review topic to play with simulation. Use the link above and complete this.

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PhET Build a Molecule Homework

More fun with simulations!

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NMSI Atoms Companion Video

This video will show you step by step how to complete each problem. All you need is to listen! Make sure that you know how they found the solutions and feel free to rewind and listen again if you are unsure of something!

NMSI Packet

Again some review with lots of information and practice problems!!

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Dalton's Atomic Theory

Funny little satire on Dalton's Atomic theory

Naming Rules

Look this over if you struggled with nomenclature on the quiz.

Atomic Rap

Instant iTunes download!! Pay attention to the lyrics they give you the impact of each scientist.

Atoms, Ions, Nomenclature

Again this should be review, but it may help to look it over again.


Not fun, but information.

Visual of Ligand Substitutions

Photo story of ligand substitution. Nice visual.

Review M-H

This is a lengthy packet to help review some of the basics of this unit. These problems should be review of things that you learned in general chemistry.

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