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Author Background & Story Synopsis (Night-Concept 1)

Author Background & Story Synopsis (Night-Concept 1)

Author: Nichole Carter

Students are working on CCSS 8.W.9 (draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research) while we read the novel Night by Elie Wiesel in this tutorial we will be focusing on

1. Understanding the author's background

2. The setting of the novel

3. Predicting the plot line of the novel

4. Also identifying the objectives while we read of the first part of the novel.

At the end of tonight’s homework you will know more about the author and the story to get started with the novel.

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1. Sign into sophia!

2. Watch the video and take notes (do the plot line prediction, we will be looking at it in class!)

3. Do digital WSQ

​4. Take the quiz to prove your concept understanding! Quiz points won't count towards your account if you aren't signed in!


*Independent learners did you fill out the daily learning log for today? If not click here for it! 

Tonight's video

Source: Created by Nichole Carter, power point and

Slides to the above video

Source: Created by Nichole Carter, power point.

Digital WSQ

Source: Created by Nichole Carter, original idea from Crystal Kirch


*Some pieces were taken from Teacher's Discovery Night Novel Guide