Author's Craft -Plot Line Video 1.1

Author's Craft -Plot Line Video 1.1

Author: Nichole Carter

At the end of this tutorial you will have a better idea of all the components of the plot line & how to write the written response on plot line. 

We will discuss plot line, and how dialogue moves the plot along.

Standards covered in this playlist:

Author's Craft/ "Author Study- lens:""Plot Line Development" "Explanatory Writing" "Author's Craft"
8.RL.1 (textual support)
8.Rl.2 (theme)
8.RL.3 (Plot line development)
8. RL.4 (word choice/ meaning)
8.RL.5 (compare/contrast text-structure)

8.W.2 (explanatory text)
8.W.6 (publish on internet)
8.W.9 (literary analysis)

*Build the skills that the students need to critically analyze their author

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  • Get out your spiral and label your table of contents and your page of notes.

Label your notes: 

Video Title


  • Watch the video and take your notes

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Source: Created by Nichole Carter @MrsCarterHLA


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Source: Created by Nichole Carter