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B to T lesson 1

B to T lesson 1

Author: Jane Ward

The aim of this tutorial is:

1. to introduce you to the technology and ensure you know how to use it.

2. to get you started with our novel study

By the end of this lesson you will be able to list some generic conventions and their use and effect.

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Learning Task

Watch the video tutorial on how to study a novel.

Read chapter one or listen to the audio file.

Complete the quiz to the right of the screen.

Make notes, highlight your text or use post it notes to make notes of the character names and details about the setting.

Come to class ready to complete further learning tasks. Remember that you will need to prepare this way at home for each lesson.

How to Study a Novel

A brief introduction to novel study.

Chapter One

A sound recording of chapter one. Follow along with your text. You can use your phone or ipod to listen to me reading the text to you.

Chapter One questions

This worksheet will be given to you in class. You can download this document and complete it if you were absent.