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B1 1.1 Diet & Exercise, 1.2 Weight Problems & 1.3 Inheritance, Exercise and Health

B1 1.1 Diet & Exercise, 1.2 Weight Problems & 1.3 Inheritance, Exercise and Health

Author: Gemma Boyson

1. What does a healthy diet contain?

2. Why can some people eat lots of food without getting fat?

3. How does an athlete's diet differ from yours?

4. What health problems are linked to being overweight?

5. Why is it unhealthy to be too thin?

6. Why are people who do exercise usually healthier than those who do not?

7. How can inherited factors affect your health?

8. Why does your cholesterol level matter?

9. Does exercise make you healthier?

This video relates to the lessons B1 1.1 Diet & Exercise, B1 1.2 Weight Problems and B1 1.3 Inheritance, Exercise and Health.

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B1 1.1 Diet & Exercise; B1 1.2 Weight Problems; B1 1.3 Inheritance, Exercise & Health.

This video relates to GCSE science or AQA GCSE science. A short video to help you with AQA core science, Diet and Exercise, malnutrition, metabolism and metabolic rate.

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