B1 2.3 Hormones & the menstrual cycle

B1 2.3 Hormones & the menstrual cycle

Author: Gemma Boyson

6. How is the menstrual cycle controlled?

7. When is a woman most likely to concieve?

This tutorial covers everything (and more) you need to know for B1 2.3.

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A description of how the menstrual cycle is controlled by the hormones FSH, LH and Oestrogen. This is for the AQA GCSE Core Science course.

Optional Video: Crash Course - Reproductive System

This entirely optional video is fascinating and largely off-topic, but does have some interesting and relevant points.

Hank lets us in on the meaning of life, at least from a biological perspective - it's reproduction, which answers the essential question of all organisms: how do I make more of myself? So, sex, how does it work?

Source: Crash Course science