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B2 5.4 From Mendel to DNA

B2 5.4 From Mendel to DNA

Author: Gemma Boyson

9. What did Mendel's experiments teach us about inheritance?

10. What is DNA?

11. How are specific proteins made in the body?

Tutorial covering the section on Mendel and DNA for AQA GCSE Science A and Biology courses.

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B2 5.4 From Mendel to DNA (Mrs Humpherys)

B2 2.4 Mendel

AQA GCSE science for unit B2. The work of Mendel on genetic crosses between pea plants.

B2 2.4 DNA

AQA GCSE science video, GCSE science and biology unit 2 revision for DNA structure and function.

B2 2.4 DNA Fingerprinting

AQA GCSE science B2 - DNA fingerprinting

Optional Video: Crash Course - Heredity

Lots of optional extra detail about inheritance. This goes into more detail than you need for GCSE but it's interesting, and you might like it!

Source: Crash Course science