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B2 5.5 Inheritance in action

B2 5.5 Inheritance in action

Author: Gemma Boyson

12. How is sex determined in humans?

13. How do we predict what features a child might inherit?

14. Can you construct a genetic diagram?

This tutorial covers the basics required for B2 5.5 lesson for AQA GCSE Biology and Science A.

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B2 5.5 Inheritance of gender

GCSE Science AQA B2 - inheritance of gender

B2 5.5 Genetic diagrams

Punnett squares and genetic diagrams

SamLearning Activities

Optional Video: Bozeman Science - Punnett Squares

Paul Andersen introduces the Punnett Square as a a powerful tool in genetic analysis. He tries to address major misconceptions that students have when use a Punnett Square. He gives a number of examples of monohybrid crosses and one example of a dihybrid cross. The square is a simple tool that uses the outcome of meiosis to determine possible offspring in a cross.

Source: Bozeman Science

Optional Video: Crash Course - Heredity

I've put this video up before, but at around 7 minutes Hank shows you how to use a punnett square. So it might be worth another look!

Source: Crash Course science