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B2B Marketing, Marketing Information Systems and Measuring Marketing ActivitiesLearning Outcomes1. B2B marketing. Student can differentiate the differences in marketing strategy betweenconsumer markets and business markets.2. Segmenting B2B markets. Student can identify the B2B market segments involved in aproduct “Apple Watch” or service offering3. Marketing Information Systems. Student can identify at least three sources of input toa marketing information system for a product “Apple Watch” or service offering.4. Marketing Metrics. Student understands the purpose of Return on MarketingInvestment for the company, and can identify at least three metrics that should be used ina product “Apple Watch” or service offering to measure the effectiveness of marketingstrategies.DirectionsThis writing assignment closes the loop on strategic marketing planning in that itidentifies the types of marketing strategies the company might employ to market itsoffering through the value chain prior to its final customer. Also, strategic planning isuseless unless there are reliable and useful sources of inputs and a way to organize thedata to be used in the planning process decision making; and metrics need to be in placeto measure how successful (or not so successful) the strategies to reach marketingobjectives have been. Strategic marketing planning then becomes an ongoing process ofmeasuring and adjusting to new information and current conditions.Many of your responses to these questions will be your best educated and informed (asmuch as possible) information on your product “Apple Watch” or service offering’scompany. Where concrete information is not obtainable, you should use your judgmentand to describe why you made your judgment call.Prepare your assignment beginning with a title page to include your name, your product“Apple Watch” or service and your target market. Then respond to each of thefollowing four questions in order and identify the number of each response. There is noneed to repeat the number of the question.1. B2B marketing. Consider your product or service offering. Based on thecategories of B2B markets discussed in the readings, name at least two of the B2Bmarkets your company may be a target market for another company. Why?

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