Author: Christine Farr


BA 578 EXAM SUMMER II 2015Page 1 of 16Name: _______________ID:_______________Online Final ExamFinal ExamThere are 5 parts:Part A: Fill in the blank (1-5)Part B: True/ False (6-15)Part C: Answer the following questions (16-22)Part D: Select the correct answer for the following questions (23-32)Part E: Work Problem (33-51) **All work must be shown step by step**Two different ways to submit your answer sheet1. Scan your answer sheet and place it in ONE FILE at drop-box. (preferable)2. Use MS-Word and place it in a drop-box.**Excel is not acceptable for this test**Deadline: Monday, 10th of August 2015 by noon**All work must be shown step by step in order to receive full creditPart A: Fill in the blank (1-5)1. The following is a general statement of a decision rule: If, when the null hypothesis is true,the probability of obtaining a value of the test statistic as____________ as or more___________ than that actually obtained is less than or equal to, the null hypothesisis_______________. Otherwise, the null hypothesis is ______________.2. The probability of obtaining a value of the test statistic as extreme as or more extreme thanthat actually obtained, given that the tested null hypothesis is true, is called ____________for the ________________test.3. Given: H0: µ ≥ 50; Ha: µ < 50; α = 0.05. A simple random sample of size 64 is drawn from a= 45, s2 = 256. The computed value of the testnon-normally distributed population.Xstatistic is _________________, which is compared for significance with a value from the____________________ distribution.4. Given H0: µ ≤ µ0, then Ha: _______________________.5. Given H0: µ ≥ µ0, then Ha: _______________________.BA 578 EXAM SUMMER II 2015Page 2 of 16Part B: True or False (6-15)________ 6. The probability that the test statistic will fall in the critical region, given that H0 istrue represents the probability of making a type II error.________ 7. If zero is contained in the 95% confidence interval for b, we may reject Ho: b = 0 atthe 0.05 level of significance.________ 8. When small values of Y tend to be paired with small values of X, the relationshipbetween X and Y is said to be inverse.________ 9. The usual objective of regression analysis is to predict estimate the value of onevariable when the value of another variable is known.________ 10. In the least squares model, the explained sum of squares is always smaller than theregression sum of squares.________ 11. If in a regression analysis the explained sum of squares is 75 and the unexplainedsum of square is 25, r2 = 0.33.________ 12. Correlation analysis is concerned with measuring the strength of the relationshipbetween two variables.________ 13. In general, the smaller the dispersion of observed points about a fitted regressionline, the larger the value of the coefficient of determination.________ 14. The sample correlation coefficient and the sample slope will always have the samesign.________ 15. The p-value of a test depends on the observed data, but the critical values of a testdo not.

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