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Bahamian Culture

Bahamian Culture

Author: Keldra Pinder

The objective of this tutorial is to introduce viewers to the amazing world of Bahamian culture in the past.  

The food, festivals, music and everyday living of the Bahamian people will entice you to want to know more about the spectacular islands of the Bahamas!  This tutorial will show you from whence we have come from in The Bahamas.

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This video takes you on a journey to the Bahama Island of Exuma where you will learn about the artifacts and traditions of Bahamian culture.

Source: Jeneice Rolle. Mar 10, 2013 Preserving the artifacts and traditions of the Bahamian culture & history.

Bahamian Music

Source: KB Bahamian Songs | The Best of KB | K.B. - Juicy Suzy