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قناة البحرين  Bahrain channel

قناة البحرين Bahrain channel

Author: issam sleet
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Bahrain channel

صاحب فكرة قناة تربط البحر المتوسط بالبحر الميت هو تيودور هيرتسل 1902م
ربط البحر الميت بالبحر المتوسط في عدة مناطق عبر أراضي فلسطين .
ثم جاءت فكرة ربط البحر الميت بالبحر الأحمر من الأردن و الكيان الصهيوني

قناة البحرين

The existence of the Dead Sea is seriously threatened by desiccation.
Many studies have been carried out in this regard but most of them are not well
documented. This paper reviewed and discussed the previous studies and focused
on the natural and the political causes of the desiccation during the past periods. It
discussed also the different proposed projects regarding the Red-Dead Sea Canal
as a solution for the desiccation problem. All the historical, political and
environmental implications of the projects have been presented. It was concluded
that this solution would harm the Palestinian and Arab interests.