Balance Method

Balance Method

Author: Kate Sidlo

Solve one and two variable equations using the balance method.

For example, you will be able to solve ...

2x = 14, for x
3x + 4 = x + 6, for x,
and (x + y)/2 = 5, for y.

Reviews using the balance method to find solutions to one and two variable equations.  Includes five steps for solving that includes multiplying/dividing, and adding/subtracting; does not include exponents, absolute value, or parentheses (beyond use in fractions).

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Write the following notes in your math notebook or on the outline note sheet.

Write ALL slides, examples, and questions.

Balance Method

A brief introduction to solving equations using the balance method. Includes one and two-variable equations. Does not include exponents, parentheses, or absolute value.

Balance Method Notes Outline

You may take your notes on this outline sheet if that works best for you.

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