BAM 411 Human Resource Management Unit 2 Exam

BAM 411 Human Resource Management Unit 2 Exam

Author: brown wood

BAM 411 Human Resource Management Unit 2 Exam


Information regarding job demands such as finger dexterity or conscientiousness is included inthe information about ________ an HR specialist may collect during a job analysis.

work activities

performance standards

machines, tools, equipment, and work aids

human behaviors


What type of information is contained in the job identification section of a job description?

job summary

major functions or activities

job title

All of the above.


When filling jobs with untrained people, the job specifications may include ________.

quality of training

physical traits

length of previous service

All of the above.


Competency analysis focuses on ________.

what is accomplished

what competencies or skills the worker must have to do the work

where the work is accomplished

when work is accomplished


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