BAM 411 Human Resource Unit 2 Examination Answers

BAM 411 Human Resource Unit 2 Examination Answers

Author: sweeden jorgh

BAM 411 Human Resource Unit 2 Examination Answers

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BAM 411 Human Resource Unit 2 Examination Answers

1.     Information regarding job demands such as finger dexterity or conscientiousness is included inthe information about ________ an HR specialist may collect during a job analysis.

·         work activities

·         performance standards

·         machines, tools, equipment, and work aids

·         human behaviors

2.     What type of information is contained in the job identification section of a job description?

·         job summary

·         major functions or activities

·         job title

·         All of the above.

3.     When filling jobs with untrained people, the job specifications may include ________.

·         quality of training

·         physical traits

·         length of previous service

·         All of the above.

4.     Competency analysis focuses on ________.

·         what is accomplished

·         what competencies or skills the worker must have to do the work

·         where the work is accomplished

·         when work is accomplished

5.     When planning for employment requirements, what must be forecasted?

·         personnel needs

·         supply of inside candidates

·         both a and b

·         None of the above.

6.     ________ contain data on employees’ performance records, educational background, andpromotion recommendations.

·         Trend records

·         Qualifications inventories

·         Computerized information systems

·         Replacement charts

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