Barela Wednesday 11/12

Barela Wednesday 11/12

Author: Stacey Dolan
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Introduction to Psychology

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Bell Work

Hello Students~

We will be using this program to continue on with class while Mrs. Barella is out.

This is called sophia and it is an online program that can keep everything we need organized and ready for class.

Let's start with Bell Work like we always do:

Describe what abiotic factors would affect an aquatic ecosystem.



Rivers and Streams

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife

Today's Assignment


  1. Please read in your books page 329 about freshwater
  2. Complete the chart on page. 330 in your textbook to compare and contrast streams and rivers.
  3. Tear out this page when you are finished (carefully) and turn it in.
  4. Put your books back where they belong