Basic Algebra

Basic Algebra

Author: Morgan Koster

Upon finishing this packet, the learner will: be able to solve basic algbra problems, and will be able to show their work.

Before you start: you should know basic facts (all operations), and should be able to explain your work to someone else.

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Final Test

This is your final test, and I hope you studied, because this was the pre-test!

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Smart Thinking

Use the resources from Smart Thinking to study. The final test will be soon!

Simple Problems

Algebra is the study of the unknown. It has variables (x,y,z, or any letter or symbol, for that matter), and at least one operation (+,-,/,*, or =, but that is not really an operation.)

Solve these problems.

Find x.


Find m.


Find h.




Print first, then take. Use as study guide, this will be final test for end of unit.

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Example Times Table

Use to study multiplication facts.

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Getting Started

Okay, so you want to learn some algebra. It's complicated, and a tad hard. I say that we should review some skills you need to get down pat.

Multiplucation (*)= Review times tables. Make a 13 by 13 grid, and then see next section.

Addition (+)= Add anythign and everything you can until your brain explodes.

Subtraction (-)= Do same method as addition.

Division (/)= Do same method as addition.