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Basic Algebra Properties

Basic Algebra Properties

Author: James Carlson

I want to help you understand algebra better by teaching a couple important rules and demonstrating them.

We'll go over four things I think are important and you'll use in pretty much every problem. There's the Order of Operations, Commutative Property, Associative Property, and Distributive Property. The point is: these are like building blocks for doing almost any algebra problem. If you get these down, everything you learn after should be easier.

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Order of Operations

I break down the steps to solving an equation in the right order. PEMDAS stuff.

Commutative Property

Involves moving the place/order of variables/numbers. It's kind of like a rule about "math syntax."

Associative Property

This involves an explanation of a rule about how to group separate numbers together, separate, or rewrite numbers to more easily solve an equation.

Distributive Property

A culmination of the previous three vids. This is what we were working up to! So far... It looks at how they all come together to work at a single concept and shows apllication of the rules we just learned.