Basic Chemistry - Cole

Basic Chemistry - Cole

Author: Sheri Cole

Students will be able to:


  1. Define matter
  2. Define, identify, and draw atoms, molecules, compounds, and organic compounds
  3. Label the parts of a basic atom (including charges)
  4. Use the periodic table to determine the classification of an element as either metal, metalloid, or non-metal
  5. Use the PTE to determine the number of protons and neutrons for an atom of a specific element
  6. Identify the components of a chemical formula including the elements present and number of atoms present
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Watch the video below and complete your note sheet.  If you do not have your note sheet then you will need to either print off another copy or hand write the notes.  Pay attention to what is said as well as what is written.  Use your completed note sheet to answer the 10 questions on the submit form.  Bring your completed notes to class tomorrow.



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