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Basic Chemistry for Biology - The Periodic Table

Basic Chemistry for Biology - The Periodic Table

Author: Vanita Vance

Explain the organization of the periodic table 

Explain how the periodic table can be used to determine information about atoms

This tutorial is part of an introductory unit for PreAP Biology. Students need to know basic chemistry information, including how to write formulas and balance an equation.  This tutorial is specifically about how to use the periodic table.

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Meet The Elements

They Might Be Giants - Meet the Elements

Basic Chemistry - The Periodic Table

Video presentation of the notes PowerPoint on the periodic table for PreAP Biology students.

Source: Vanita Vance

Basic Chemistry for Biology - The Periodic Table

PowerPoint slide show for Periodic Table notes

Source: Vanita Vance

The Element Song

The Element Song by Tom Lehrer
Animation by Timwi