Basic Computers Skills

Basic Computers Skills

Author: Sandra Marin

Teach students basics skills how can create folders, and save their documents.

Students will able to create new folders, save documents, and identified differences between Save and Save As.

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Create a New Folder in Window 7

Creating  a  new folder in Window 7 isn't hard. You will be able to be more organized  and have  smaller  list of files.

1. Open the folder window.

2; Choose where you would  like to add a new folder: Documents, Pictures, Music etc.


3. Click on New folder in  the library tools or do right click on the mouse, then click New, and click Folder. The new folder  will  appear in your list with  the highlighted name.




4. Click inside of the blank area of the box and type the name that you need.



Save As a document in Microsoft Word

Now you have a new folder where you can Save your documents. Documents could be any from Microsoft Office. Let's take this example from Microsoft Word. I recommend you save your document before you finish your work because  this action prevent losing all the work that has been done.



1. Click on  File button.





2. Click on Save As.




3. Double click on  the folder where do you go to save the document.

4. On the File Name box, type the name of the document.

5. And  Click on Save button.


Save changes of the Document

Saving documents is easier  and less steps than Save As. With this action you will  save changes made to a document previously saved, before close the document, you have two options:

1. Click on the Save button in the Quick Access Toolbar

2. Or Click on File button, and

3. Click on Save button.





After that, all your changes that you made in your document  will be saved.