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Basic Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Basic Fundamental Theorem of Calculus


Students will use anti-differentiation to solve integral problems.

Students will be shown the constant and power rule for anti-derivatives. It will be connected back to previously taught lessons on area problems.

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Reasoning behind the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Explanation of basic integration using anti-derivatives.

Find the Solution for Integral Problems using Anti-Differentiation

Integral Problems are just area problems for a given function. The only new thing happening here is that now our functions is no longer straight, but a curve. So, we have to use some new techniques to solve these new problems.

There are two basic rules for this,

integral subscript a superscript b c d x equals c x

integral subscript a superscript b x to the power of n d x equals fraction numerator x to the power of n plus 1 end exponent over denominator n plus 1 end fraction

These two rules will provide use with the tools needed to find are under polynomial curves.