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Basic Pronouns

Basic Pronouns

Author: michelle izzo

By the end of this short tutorial, SWBAT identify basic pronouns in sentences. Students will also identify pronouns in three practice sentences, summarize the lesson in their own words and also write any questions they may have about pronouns.

This lesson demonstrates the identification of basic pronouns.

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Pronouns What are they?

This brief video will demonstrate identification of basic pronouns. Students will watch the video, practice, summarize, ask questions in order to identify basic pronouns.

Source: Images and Video Created by Michelle Izzo

Pronouns/PBS Kids- Extra Video


School House Rock Pronoun Extra Video

Watch this entertaining "old time" video on Pronouns!

It is on

Source: School House Rock Video Posted on

Basic Pronouns Classroom Poster

Use this poster to remind you about a basic pronoun!


Source: Created by Michelle Izzo

Basic Pronouns Google Form

Please answer the questions in the tutorial regarding pronouns, also summarize the lesson on basic pronouns. Include two questions you have regarding the lesson as well.

Source: Created by Michelle Izzo