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 Basic Properties of Math and Order of Operations

Basic Properties of Math and Order of Operations

Author: Michael Morgan

Since not everyone understands everything to know about math, including myself, I just wanted to post this packet in order to help everyone who may not understand the subject of algebra very well and wants to get that knowledge.

I made a powerpoint explaining each basic property with examples and listed the order of opertations used in algebraic equations. Also, there is a video that shows a live demonstration of a couple examples from each property.

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Order of Operations and Basic Math Properties

A nice little powerpoint explaining the basic properties and operations

Properties of Math and Order of Operations


Small error. I forgot to write a 1 in on of the answers on the video. It should be equal to 11.

In the distributive property portion of the video, I say 2y, but only write down y. 2y should be written.