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Basic Reproduction-Cole

Basic Reproduction-Cole

Author: Sheri Cole

Students will be able to:

  1. Define reproduction and its importance
  2. Define and identify sexual and asexual reproduction
  3. List the three types of asexual reproduction and their definitions (with examples of organisms performing each)
  4. Define mutations and their importance
  5. Compare and contrast sexual and asexual reproduction including:
  • The organisms that perform each
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each
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Watch this presentation video about the basics of reproduction and take notes. Use your completed notes to answer the questions in the submit form. Bring your notes to class tomorrow for credit.

Basic Reproduction Notes

Watch the video above and take notes over reproduction. You may use the note sheet I created or hand write your own notes entirely- either way, you must write down the notes. Use your completed notes to answer the questions found in the submit form above. Bring your completed notes to class tomorrow in order to receive credit.


Source: Sam Youts